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Beautiful towns around the world

Posted on 17 December 2017 by admin (0)

Most travels involve reaching a big city wherever you go: most airports surround the busiest cities and capitals, as do almost all the luxury hotels. However, there are hidden, beautiful towns that can give you a different and pleasurable experience if you want to run away from tall skyscrapers, stoplights and metal constructions. Dive into these five heavenly towns in your next travel and enjoy a time like no other!



Bergen, Norway

Although it’s actually a city, Bergen resembles a town as much as a real one does, thanks to its charming and beautiful houses and old constructions. Bergen is traditionally a fishing village, and its privileged location makes it a perfect destination if you want to visit the norwegian fjords. It’s also surrounded by beautiful mountains and waterfalls, giving every tourist the most amazing sights. These natural attractions blend extremely well with the populous city, which has a traditional touch noticeable in every corner.


Vyatskoe, Rusia

The russian village of Vyatskoe is a living museum, from border to border. In 2007, the village turned from a merchant town into a historical complex with a series of museums, hotels and other infrastructure to house guests from all around the world, while keeping all the traditional buildings and architectural styles. Vyatskoe blends the past and the present, with churches and galleries, cinemas, exhibitions and other views, attracting more than 100 thousand tourists per year!


Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Located in the west of Thailand, Kanchanaburi stands as a small river town that has conserved itself pretty well throughout the years. This small town is surrounded by enormous caves and waterfalls, as well as lakes and rivers: it’s a very relaxing and soothing place if you want to visit a different place. However, Kanchanaburi also has a great historical significance, given that it’s close to the Death Railway, a structure built during World War II by war prisoners. It’s a place where you escape from the tiresome everyday routine and breathe a different air, while contemplating the contrasts of life.


Sonoma, US

You can find the county of Sonoma in Northern California, a place highlighted by its many, extensive wineries and breathtaking hills and mountains that has been constantly recognized as one of the best small towns in the US. The main city, also named Sonoma, is built around a historical plaza, a vestige of its colonial past, and preserves most of its traditional Mexican architecture. Around the plaza, you’ll find plenty restaurants, hotels and other attractions, as it still serves the same purpose it was built for: to become a meeting place for everyone in Sonoma.


Guatapé, Colombia

Located by the north of South America, Guatapé is one of Colombia’s most visited towns, both by residents of the country and foreigners. Thanks to its closeness to Medellín, it’s an easily accessible village that counts into its attractions a series of resorts, restaurants and rental homes. Guatapé is a colorful town, and each building is tiled in bright and varied colors, tied to the cultural life of the city. You can tour through the town’s several tourist establishments, or around its natural attractions such as the Peñol rock.  


This small list intends to show you that you don’t need to visit the major metropolises in order to get the most out of your travel. Next time you leave your home on a trip, remember these rural jewels all around the world and give yourself an unforgettable time!