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Traveling a long distance on bus? Read these tips!

Posted on 31 December 2017 by admin (0)

Depending on where you want to go, traveling by bus is a cheaper alternative to expensive airfare, and is a reasonable way to arrive to another city inside your country or a region connected by ground. However, traveling by bus tends to be longer and more tedious than a direct flight, and also involves a different routine than traveling by air.

If you want to make sure you stay comfortable and safe on you next bus trip, then read the following tips!



Choose a safe bus trip

Safety comes first, especially when traveling by ground. Depending on your destination, some routes might be safer than others, regarding both the quality and state of the road, and insecurity during the night. Try to contact the bus station beforehand, or get to know some of the locals and ask them which route is safer. Stick to these buses, even if they mean paying a little bit more: you can’t put a price on your own safety.

Arrive early and pick a good seat

Depending on your bus, you might or might not have a preassigned seat. If you don’t, make sure you arrive early so that you can choose a good seat. Try not to pick a seat far away into the bus: the further you go, the more you will feel bumps in the way, and the bigger the wait to get off the bus. You can also choose between the window and aisle seat, perhaps even a middle seat. It’s up to you to pick between the view of the window and the extra leg room you can get out of the aisle seat.

Keep your valuables with you

Keep your jewels, credit cards, cash and important documents, among other things, with you at all times. You can put them into a small purse, or another carry-on bag, but always have them at hand at all times. If the bus makes a stop overnight at a restaurant or other facility and you plan to get out, take these things with you too, in case something happens.

Pack light

If it’s possible, bring everything you need in your carry-on bag or a small suitcase. This will greatly reduce the time you need to wait after you reach your destination in order to withdraw your luggage. If you have to bring an extra suitcase, try to keep it as light as possible, because after a long bus ride you might be tired and not want to carry a heavy bag.

Bring snacks!

Usually, your bus will stop one or several times during the trip near somewhere you can eat and drink. However, this might not happen, or you might feel hungry before reaching such facilities. Therefore, we suggest that you bring snacks to eat and drink along the way to quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger and make your trip a little bit more comfortable.

Keep yourself entertained

Don’t forget to bring a magazine, some books, a charged smartphone or tablet and anything else you can use to defeat boredom, because you’ll spend a considerably long time on the bus, and you might not be able to sleep through it all.

Bring a neck pillow and a blanket

Finally, if you’re actually able to, you should try to rest a bit. It might not be as comfortable as sleeping in a hotel room or at home, but if you bring a neck pillow, a blanket and maybe an eye mask, you might have more luck on catching some sleep before reaching your destination.